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Insulated curtains appeared for you to bring coolness

The appearance of the curtains not only bring coolness for our home, but also adds more beauty. As it has evolved into a necessity in our lives, I believe many people have more or less a home curtains. And with the emergence of functional curtains, there was insulated curtains ( , in the hot summer, insulated curtains can keep warm. Also according to each person's taste, curtains installed in different locations, different styles.

The curtains in the past did not have the function of the insulation, even blocking the sun, but the heat will slowly penetrate into the room, with the development of science, insulated curtains appeared, especially in the hot south, will choose such curtains to block the sun and avoid heat.

insulated curtains
From: Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

Living room curtains optional some light and elegant curtains, allowing sun shine in, while the bedroom is different, there is little rest, but also do not want to be awakened by the morning sun, some insulated curtains suitable for use, and have a certain thickness of the curtains, so the shading effect, as some warm colors a little color, so when sleep will not be very depressed, sleep can relax in. And enough insulation thickness curtains, but also to protect people's privacy is not violated. Meanwhile, sleep curtains, but also can reduce the noise outside of the house, so that we can become more comfortable sleep environment. Summer season, will bring hot weather, people will not stand, if you use insulated curtains, curtain down once, it will bring bursts of coolness, the house became an instant cool together.

Spring feeling 2013 polyester floral printed pink curtains
From: Spring Feeling 2013 Polyester Floral Printed Pink Curtains

Insulated curtains in the summer will avoid the most of the heat, indoor protection index up more than sixty percent, while the room temperature could be reduced five to ten degrees, compared with the ordinary curtains, lower a lot of.

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